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Public Education Lifelong Learning Labour Market Services Social Services s Social Economy Social Inclusion


  • Project planning, project generation, project development and application writing in the field of human resource development
  • Project management


  • Program design and development
  • Technical assistance to program implementation
  • Program evaluation

Fundraising plans

  • Developing and implementing fundraising plans


  • Designing and implementing training programs
  • Curriculum development

Local and regional development

  • Elaboration of local and regional development plans
  • Initiation, design and implementation of local and regional development programs

International development work

  • Supporting international co-operation and match making of public and private sectors
  • Adapting and using models and methods developed in EU member states
  • Facilitating know-how transfer, dissemination of best practices
  • Supporting EU accession process of candidate countries

Quality development

Organisational and institutional development




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