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Progress Consult Danish–Hungarian Development Consultancy Company
Progress Consult Ltd is one of the leading consultancy companies in Hungary in the field of social development and social innovations. Its main purpose is to catalyze development processes in social life by supporting the reform and renewal of social public service system, covering areas like labour market services, social assistance, lifelong learning, public and adult education. Services are rendered to public organizations and NGOs both at central and local level, not only in Hungary but also in international settings. Utilising its access to Danish, Hungarian and other European countries’ best experiences and expertise the company offers complex consultancy services with the aim to provide tailored made solutions, integrate EU best practices and continuous improvements of client’s capacity.
Progress Consult has a long standing record on working with USAID and EU development programmes. Being involved in different training and advising activities as well as formulation of national pre-accession programmes it has a notable role in the preparation process for the European Social Fund. It has facilitated the design and implementation of numerous local and regional projects in the field of employment promotion, social inclusion of vulnerable groups, promoting equal opportunities and gender mainstreaming, improving the quality and efficiency of education, social and labour market services.

Our mission: Improving quality of life, promoting social and economic growth via assisting the development of public education and welfare systems, and supporting local and regional initiatives.

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