Contant us:

Service principles

  1. Involvement and active participation of the users are essential condition of fruitful consultancy
  2. Success and sustainability of consultancy services highly depend on involvement of clients and local actors into the development process. Efficient solution of problems and long term effects of development projects presume active and committed involvement of users and stakeholders.

  3. All advising is related to principles of learning
  4. All concrete advising concepts that Progress Consult elaborate involve a carefully designed learning process for its clients. Our consultants make sure that the customers will be able to utilise and apply the experience gained and the methods used during the advising service by themselves.

  5. Consultancy must be always flexible and tailored to the specific needs of clients
  6. In our understanding the quality of the consultancy process is closely related to the careful analysis of the customers’ requirements. Therefore the consultants start their work with thorough assessment of the present situation and clients’ needs. After clarification of needs and requirements in the frame of a personal meeting with the client, our consultants prepare their proposal on the tailor made advising services. Continuous evaluation of advising processes is part of insuring the quality of our services. During implementation of services consultants together with the representatives of the clients regularly check the progress of the common process at predefined phases in order to assess to what degree the client could make use of the elements of our services.

  7. Documentation of advising services and reporting
  8. In accordance with our quality principles and the agreement with the contractor our consultants’ task is to take care that the client can gain information at any time about the co-operation and the progress of the project. Short summary reports will be regularly prepared, which enables the customer to use the outcome of the service directly in his decision making process.


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