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InProFuture Project

About the INPROFUTURE Project

Our project, named: “Mapping of SME Digital Transformation – Industry Professionals Future Education” (INPROFUTURE) will be implemented in field “Adult education” under action “KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education” as part of ERASMUS+ Programme (Grant).

The project “INPROFUTURE – Industry Professional’s Future Education” is inspired by the partners long time experience working with SME national settings, but it is also inspired by the EU Commissions proposal of March 2021 to establish a Digital Compass to further target the EUʼs digital ambitions 2030 for SMEs and their employees.

The “INPROFUTURE” project focus on the cardinal point of Digital transformation of businesses and how to make possible and concrete that by 2030, three out of four SME companies should use cloud computing services, big data and Artificial Intelligence and how we can promote and ensure more than 90% SMEs should reach at least basic level of digital intensity in order to lift the number of EU unicorns to the double.

The “INPROFUTURE” project has been established to introduce tools and methods which will support SMEs management and educator of digital skills to empower employees with the right and necessary digital skills. Management by being able to recognise the needs for skills and realisation of how better digital skills among their staff positively can affect their business. And educators with tools that will make them better able to create tailored digital skills training that meet both employees’ and employers’ needs.

Project Partners

The project Partners have a long experience in delivering innovation and capacity building programs to support SME production and service-industry. The partners will – through their cooperation with adult education providers, company instructors and in-service trainers from the SME industry – create a program to help SMEs to benefit from digital transformation so that the involved SMEs in the program get access to very concrete opportunities to innovate and grow, overcome some of the significant barriers to raise digital competences from bottom to top of the SMEs.

Project objectives

The objectives of communication are related to the objectives of the ERASMUS+ Grant, the objectives of our Project and the objectives of project activities.

Our project’s overall objective is to find new pathways to improve SMEs ability to understand what skills and competencies are needed to support a digital transition and to implement it within the daily production life and practice of the company, and in a cost-effective way, where the SMEs can overview and handle the process.

The aims of our INPROFUTURE project is:

  • broaden project partners’ expertise in consultancy service regarding competence development, to develop educational methods for providing different digital competence development to improve SMEs innovation and digital transition capacity.
  • develop a mapping tool for SMEs to analyse and assess their level of digitalisation and give the digital transition process a clearer direction.
  • support SMEs and Educators to understand how the gaps could be filled with digital competence development, and training programs to improve employees’ digital skills and competencies.
  • Motivate SMEs to strengthen their efforts to provide competence development training to their employees.
  • develop a complete toolkit for all involved in the facilitation of digital skills development as part of SMEs digital transition processes.

Project activities

Develop, test and introduce an easy-to-use mapping tool, which will provide the SMEs with an overview of the most critical aspects of digital transition and the competence and skills needed for such a transition.

Develop, test, and introduce training and capacity building handbook (in four languages) with best practices ways and with a list of number of resources to initiate and maintain digital transition over time in SME’s.

Develop, test, and introduce a virtual resource platform, where all involved partners will find all useful resources and tools to improve their companies digital transition ability.

Project Information

  • Title: Mapping of SME Digital Transformation – Industry Professionals Future Education” (INPROFUTURE)
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Start date: 01.02.2022
  • End date: 31.01.2022
  • Founding: ERASMUS+ Program
  • Amount: 110 280 €


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